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Traffic violations in addition to DWI

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Blog

Driving while intoxicated may not be the only charge you are facing. Breaking traffic laws is likely what caused police to pull you over in the first place and discover your drunken state. Therefore, you probably have other traffic tickets to worry about. Do not dismiss them no matter how minor they may seem.

Even seemingly trivial infractions can add up when it comes to penalties, such as losing driving privileges or paying fines. With a DWI on the table, you do not need to give the court any more reason to punish you.

Common traffic violations accompanying DWI

Alcohol impairs your judgment, reaction time and motor skills. These side effects may cause you to drive recklessly and commit violations on the road. Common types include:

  •        Exceeding the speed limit
  •        Making illegal turns, lane changes and other maneuvers
  •        Going the wrong way
  •        Not staying in your lane
  •        Texting while driving
  •        Running a red light or stop sign
  •        Following vehicles too closely

You may also face more severe charges if you are driving without a license and/or auto insurance, or if you flee the scene of an accident.

Possible defenses for traffic tickets

Just as with DWI defense, you can take apart the circumstances of your traffic stop. With the help of a criminal defense attorney, you may be able to determine if the law enforcement officer pulled over the right vehicle, was able to see the violation and followed the proper procedure. You may be able to disprove you broke every part of the applicable law, if at all. Even minor details can have a significant impact on charges, prosecution and sentencing. You can request to see the officer’s notes on the ticket to find any discrepancies.

In Indiana or Kentucky, a DWI is enough to worry about without additional traffic tickets. Having a strong strategy is important in avoiding the consequences of traffic violations including drunk driving.