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Reality TV couple finalize their divorce

On Behalf of | May 5, 2017 | Divorce

Kentucky residents who follow the popular Bravo reality television series ‘The Vanderpump Rules” may be aware that two of its stars, Scheana Marie and Mike Shay, filed for divorce in November 2016. The couple vowed to remain friends and treat each other with respect when they announced that they were separating after two years of marriage, and media outlets reported in April 2017 that Marie and Shay had reached an amicable divorce settlement.

According to the reports, the divorce settlement requires Marie to pay her former husband $50,000. The couple have no children, and media accounts indicate that the payment is being made to compensate Shay for assets that he ceded to Marie during property division negotiations. The couple’s assets are said to include a retirement account valued at $31,000, a bank account containing $1,000, a Ford Explorer SUV worth $49,000 and a Nissan sedan valued at approximately $19,000. In addition to the $50,000 cash payment, Shay will be allowed to keep a GMC pickup truck.

The couple’s issues and Shay’s struggles with addiction have helped to maintain the unscripted reality show’s ratings and keep viewers interested. Marie said in an interview that she remained friends with Shay, but she added that she was worried about giving such a large amount of cash to someone who has struggled with drug use.

Experienced family law attorneys may encourage divorcing spouses to resolve their differences amicably to avoid the high costs and uncertain outcomes of court proceedings, and this may be especially true when their cases are likely to attract the attention of the media. When resentment runs deep and a negotiated settlement seems unlikely, attorneys may suggest an alternative venue such as divorce mediation.