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Husbands’ employment and the risk of divorce

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Divorce

There are many things that can contribute to the end of a marriage. Kentucky residents who are considering getting a divorce should know that according to a 2016 study, whether or not a husband is employed is a significant factor.

The researcher evaluated 46 years of data on over 6,300 marriages in the United States. She determined that the number of divorces began increasing in the mid-1970s. She also determined that after 1975, housework was not a significant factor as women were becoming part of the workforce in increasing numbers.

Each partner’s employment and his or her willingness to complete household chores were assessed to determine the financial risk of ending the marriage for both partners. The researcher concluded that not only did being employed not exclude a wife from seeking a divorce, the financial independence of the wife wasn’t linked at all to the increased risk of a divorce.

The issue that seemed to matter more was the status of the husband’s employment, particularly in the recent years. The study’s author found that husbands have a 3.3 percent chance of getting a divorce in a given year if they do not have a full time job. This is compared to a 2.5 percent risk of divorce for husbands who are employed full time.

Being unemployed can create a financial burden and place a strain on a marriage. Paying bills and taking care of household expenses can become more difficult. Credit scores can also be negatively impacted by late payments, which can make it harder to obtain a home loan or affordable car insurance. People who are filing for divorce for this type of financial reason might want to discuss their strategies for property division and alimony with a family law attorney.