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Child support payments when a Kentucky parent is disabled

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2017 | Divorce

Many single parents rely on child support to help ensure that they’re able to take care of their kids. However, in some cases, the parent paying child support may suffer an injury or develop a medical condition that leads to a disability. In these cases, it is very common for the amount of child support that someone is required to pay to be reduced.

Depending on the circumstances, the reduction may be permanent or temporary. The duration of the reduction normally depends on the type of disability and whether it is considered permanent.

Someone’s child support obligations will not automatically be lowered because they suffered a disability. However, it is very common for people’s ability to work to be reduced as a result of their impairment. This may allow someone to have their child support obligations modified while they are unable to earn as much money as they were prior to an injury or the development of a medical condition. If a person’s income is not affected, child support obligations will not be modified.

When a couple gets a divorce, issues related to the divorce can either be decided by the couple or by the legal system. Collaborative divorces, such as mediated divorces, allow two people to determine how they want to deal with child support, custody and asset division. However, these types of divorces require that a couple be able to get along well enough to come to mutual agreements. If this is not possible, the divorce will need to be litigated in a courtroom, and issues will be decided by a judge based on current law. A lawyer could explain the differences between types of divorce and what each process involves.