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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announce upcoming divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2017 | Divorce

Kentucky couples who are considering divorce may be interested in learning that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced on April 13 that they were getting one, about two years after they stated they were separating. The former couple reportedly filed the paperwork without attorneys, meaning they may end their marriage through mediation instead of court.

The two actors split in June 2015. Although there had been rumors that Affleck had an affair with the couple’s nanny, he and Garner were able to continue a friendly relationship that focused on their children throughout the separation. They reportedly spent holidays together, and Affleck stayed with Garner in Georgia while she filmed a movie. In March, Affleck announced that he had completed treatment for his alcohol addiction.

In a statement, the former couple repeated that they were committed to co-raising their three children together. They have always only praised each other in the press. Both of them are seeking joint physical and legal custody and in the process of negotiating a financial settlement. Affleck and Garner were married for 12 years.

Although many estranged couples have a difficult time working through an amicable divorce, there are some that are dedicated to reaching an agreement on property division, child custody and child support. A family law attorney may assist with valuating the marital assets that a couple has obtained throughout their marriage and dividing up their property based on whether a premarital agreement exists. If the two parties cannot work together, or a mediation is not the right option for them, lawyers may represent them when the case goes before a judge.

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