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Reducing the impact of divorce on children

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2017 | Child Custody

Divorce negotiations in Kentucky and around the country often get heated when delicate issues such as spousal support or property division are brought up, but even spouses who really do not like one another are often able to put their differences aside when the welfare of their children is at stake. There has been a lot written about how divorce can leave children traumatized, but divorcing parents may be able to minimize these dangers if they are able to accept that they both want what is best for their children and are doing the best that they can.

Family law judges will generally favor co-parenting child custody solutions as studies have found that children are more likely to thrive when they spend time with both of their parents. Children do well when they know what is expected of them and the rules they are asked to follow are consistent, and seeing their parents cooperating after going through a difficult divorce can set a powerful example.

While conflict can rarely be avoided altogether, parents who drag their children into domestic arguments are walking a very perilous path. Venting in front of children or asking them to act as go-betweens can cast a long shadow, but clearly defining parenting rules early in divorce negotiations can help parents avoid this pitfall. However, these rules should not be so in-depth that parents feel overly restricted and are likely to violate them.

Divorced spouses generally make better parents and live happier lives when they are able to reach amicable settlements and avoid bitter and adversarial court battles. However, this may be easier said than done when potentially volatile issues like property division, child custody and spousal support are involved. When the prospects of an agreement seem remote, experienced family law attorneys could suggest an alternative and more cooperative approach such as divorce mediation.