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Ex of Amanda Stanton file custody and support motion

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2016 | Child Custody

Kentucky fans of the television show “Bachelor in Paradise” are likely familiar with the story of Amanda Stanton’s engagement to Josh Murray, which occurred on the show. Ms. Stanton shares two children with her ex, and he has now filed a petition to modify the child custody and child support orders that are currently in place.

Ms. Stanton previously appeared on “The Bachelor,” bringing her children to meet that show’s bachelor on television. The children did not attend the filming of the “Bachelor in Paradise”. Instead, they remained with her ex while she was filming. Since the show, her ex alleges that her income has increased dramatically. When the child support order was originally issued, he stated that it was based on her having the children 65 percent of the time and her having an income of $100 per month.

According to her ex, Ms. Stanton is now making $20,000 per month and has not had the children 65 percent of the time. Instead, he claims that he has had the children a majority of the time and is asking for a modification of the orders to reflect the change in her finances and the circumstances.

Child custody and parenting time orders may be changed when the family’s circumstances have significantly altered. A person may request a modification by filing a motion to modify the orders with the court that has jurisdiction over the matter. An attorney may help the client with drafting the motion. The attorney may then work to negotiate an agreement that better reflects the client’s current situation as well as that of the children.

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