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On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2016 | Firm News

Omega Law PLLC is happy and excited to announce that today, April 12, 2016, Governor Matt Bevin signed HB40 into law, finally bringing felony expungement in legal effect throughout Kentucky.  Governor Bevin expressed support for felony expungement at the beginning of this legislative session, and the bill passed with wide bipartisan support among the ACLU, the Chamber of Commerce, and many faith groups.

Omega Law PLLC wants to congratulate all the legislators involved in the passage of this important bill that will help restore dignity to thousands of Kentuckians who have suffered under the label of “felon” for long, long past misdeeds and indiscretions and who now have a chance to to more freely seek employment and enter public life.

Keep an eye on this blog as the week progresses for a series of posts on HB40 and how we can help you take advantage of this new law to Expunge Your Record.  If you need more information right away, call us at 866-586-7577 or email us via the contact form on this blog to discuss how we can help you begin your expungement process.