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Father of Palin’s daughter obtains joint custody

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2016 | Child Custody

Earlier this year we wrote a post about a Kentucky man who was seeking custody of the daughter he fathered with his former finance. After ending the engagement, the child’s mother—who happens to be the eldest daughter of Sarah Palin—returned to Alaska to have her baby and live, and has been there ever since. The man has yet to meet his daughter.

Since that last post there have been developments in the case. Despite living across the country from each other, a judge recently granted both parents joint physical and legal custody of the baby. The judge also determined it was in the best interest of the little girl to stay with her mother in Alaska. Because of this, in order to see his child, the man must travel from Kentucky to Alaska.

Once in Alaska he will be able to spend four consecutive days with her. Those visits can take place twice a month. The decision did not comply with Palin’s wishes that the baby stay with her overnight so that she could nurse. Instead the judge ordered her to provide an adequate supply of either formula or milk for the baby.

While there is no question that the decision places a bigger burden on the father, he is likely pleased that he will be able to spend time with his daughter regularly. It also illustrates that two parents need not reside in the same state to have joint custody.

Matters involving child custody are often complicated. A family law lawyer can help to simplify the process.