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Grandparents’ rights in Indiana

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2016 | Child Custody

In many divorces involving children, who has custody is often a major issue that needs to be addressed. It is hard for many parents to go from seeing their children daily, to having to spend some days without seeing them at all. Parents aren’t always the only members of the children’s family that could have to come to terms with a different schedule for seeing the kids. Grandparents may also be impacted.

When a relationship between parents of children comes to an end, things can be complicated. In addition to difficulties between the divorcing couple, the relationships they have with their parents or in-laws can become strained as well. In some situations this could result in the grandparents being told they cannot see their grandchildren.

In the state of Indiana, grandparents have legal rights that make it possible to try to obtain visitation with their grandchildren, even if the children’s parents do not want to grant it.

While every situation is of course different, there are multiple factors that will be taken into consideration when making this determination. Among others, these include whether the child of the grandparents is still living and whether there is a history of the grandparents abusing the kids.

Most would agree that steps should be taken to make decisions pertaining to the children that are in their best interest, not the best interest of their parents. Since all parties involved don’t always agree about what is best, working with a lawyer who has experience in matters of this nature can be a good idea.

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