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Some women find greater financial security following divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2016 | Property Division

There is no question that following a divorce, many people are concerned about their financial wellbeing. There is good reason for this since in many situations, dividing one house into two creates a financial pressure not previously in existence. Accordingly, it would make sense for many in this situation, to experience a great amount of stress regarding money, following a divorce. As it turns out, for at least one gender, this may not be the case.

A survey currently underway finds that despite living with much less money than when they were married, women often experience a greater sense of financial peace than they did prior to the divorce. While there are likely many reasons for this, according to one study, it has to do with the power they have over their finances upon divorcing.

More specifically, in many situations, women do not have much control over the family finances. After a divorce, even though there may not be as much to tap into, it is nonetheless theirs alone to handle. Stress related to the way their ex-spouse handled the finances is no longer present. When one considers that a poll conducted by DivorceMagazine.com found financial issues to be a leading cause of divorce, this is not surprising.

Of course many changes are necessary when someone sets out to live on their own. In some cases budgeting is necessary. Spending the money wisely helps to create that sense of security.

Securing the best possible financial settlement is important in a divorce. Working with a divorce lawyer can assist with this.