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Different types of alimony that may be available

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2016 | Alimony

Financial matters are often front and center where divorces are concerned. In addition to the division of assets, for some couples, the matter of spousal support might also arise. Though not awarded in every divorce, it may make sense if one spouse either did not earn a wage while married, or made significantly less than the other. Either spouse may be eligible to receive it as long as they meet certain requirements.

There are five generally recognized types of alimony that someone might have to pay or receive.

The first is lump-sum alimony. This type could be ordered in situations where a party to the marriage does not want any of the items deemed to be of value from the marriage. The one-time payment is in place of the property the spouse turned down.

Second is reimbursement alimony. People who receive this type of alimony will do so to help cover costs associated with tuition or work training of the other spouse who is preparing to reenter the workforce. Similarly, rehabilitative alimony may be ordered for a specified period of time when a spouse is looking for a job or taking steps to expand his or her employment skills.

Temporary alimony, also referred to as alimony pendente lite, may be ordered while a couple is separated and working toward divorce. It may be awarded to help cover daily expenses or divorce costs. It will continue until permanent alimony is set.

Permanent alimony starts when a divorce is finalized. It may be paid indefinitely, on a regular and recurring basis. Remarriage or cohabitation on the part of the person receiving the alimony could prompt changes to the spousal support order.

Spousal support can play an important role in an ex-spouse getting on his or her feet following a divorce. Because of this, it is a good idea to work with a divorce lawyer when seeking it.