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What you need to know about alimony

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2015 | Alimony

Alimony, also referred to a spousal support, is awarded in some divorce situations. Though it is not automatically awarded, when it is, it could dramatically impact the lives of those involved. In this post we will provide some of the basics that someone going into this situation would benefit from knowing.

The biggest concern for all parties involved is probably how much the paying spouse will have to pay. While the specifics vary depending on the state in which a couple resides, generally, the income of each spouse, as well as how long the couple was married, will be taken into consideration.

Other things the court may look to in deciding how much will be paid in spousal support include the:

  • Standard of living the couple was used to during the marriage
  • Capacity of the supported spouse to make money
  • Age of each spouse
  • Health of each spouse

Just how long spousal support will be paid will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the couple.

It is important that both parties are aware that just like other orders created in the course of a divorce, alimony payments may, under certain circumstances, change. If the income of the spouse who receives the alimony increases enough, the spouse making the payments may be able to have the order modified. Likewise, it might also be modified if the paying spouse finds that his or her income dramatically drops.

The chapter following a divorce can be trying for some. Having a stable financial plan in place can make it easier. A divorce lawyer can be of assistance in both establishing the initial order, as well as any modification which may become necessary.