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Things to consider before filing for divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2015 | Property Division

The start of a new year often prompts people to assess their life and determine way in which they could make it better. While for some, this results in making changes to their diet or exercise plan, for others, the change is much bigger. Some decide it is necessary to end their marriage.

This decision is usually not reached without a lot of soul searching and reflection. During the period of time in which someone is considering this option, it is a good idea for them to take certain steps to prepare. Doing so could make a difference not only financially but emotionally as well.

On the financial side, gathering financial documents is the first step. Discussing the matter with a financial planner can help to predict what sort of financial ramifications will arise as a result of the divorce. Tax implications and how retirement accounts will be handled are just two of many factors that will need to be considered.

Protecting your emotional wellbeing is also important. Finding a therapist to help work through the process can help to make sure you are starting the next part of your life in the best possible position. It may also help you to focus on the matters that are really important in the course of the divorce, making it possible to more quickly work through the process.

If you do decide to file for divorce after the holidays, you will not be alone as according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the number of divorce filings in the first month of the new year is usually around a third higher than other months. Regardless of when you decide to make this move, a divorce lawyer can be of assistance.