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Some changes to alimony systems driven by women

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2015 | Alimony

One of the matters that may need to be addressed when a couple in the state of Kentucky decides to divorce is whether either of spouses will receive alimony. Though never guaranteed, historically, more individuals-commonly women-received it than today. One law professor put the percentage of divorces that including spousal support at 10 percent today. This is significantly lower than the 25 percent of cases that included it in the 1960s.

While wives may have traditionally been on the receiving end of alimony payments, as more and more women have shifted their focus to building a career, this has shifted so that in some cases they are actually the ones making payments to their ex-husbands. Though for years, many payers of spousal support may have felt the arrangement was unfair, challenges to the system are being made and in many cases it is women who are paying alimony, who are behind the push.

The focus of some of these challenges is the duration of the payments. Specifically, those situations where permanent alimony is concerned and a spouse is ordered to make payments until one of them dies. Some states are making changes that limit the alimony that is ordered based upon the length of the couple’s marriage. Changes are also being made to the way in which future earnings of professionals are projected.

There is no question that alimony can have a big impact on the lives of both parties following a divorce. Because of this it is vital that when it is a possibly, parties are represent by an attorney who is knowledgeable in the topic.