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Put children’s needs first during the holiday season

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2015 | Child Custody

With Thanksgiving next week, the kickoff to the holiday season is just around the corner. During the holiday season many people spend time with friends and family celebrating and just enjoying each other’s company. While this time of year can be enjoyable for many, if not handled correctly, it can be difficult for children whose parents have split but share custody.

In some cases parents of children who are no longer together are able to come together for the sake of the children so that all can celebrate together. This is not the rule however and children can feel great amounts of stress connected to spending time at more than one place with more than one family to celebrate.

The needs of the children in situations like this should always be put first. Fulfilling these needs can take many forms starting with communicating with your children. Finding out what, if any, traditions they want to carry forward and then making them happen can make the transition away from the way things used to be a bit easier. Focusing on the kids also makes it possible to move forward and create new traditions that all can enjoy. Worry less about when these events happen and more about making memories your children can look back on.

Making it easy for your children to enjoy time with their other parent is also important. This means not only ensuring they have actual time with that parent but that the kids feel good about going. If disputes about the holidays arise between you and your ex do not get the children involved. In addition, help them to find or create a gift for their other parent who they love as much as you.

When a couple splits, the needs of their children should come first regardless of the time of year. During the holidays it is that much more important that parents put their needs aside to focus on their kids.