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Alimony isn’t limited to women

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2015 | Alimony

When a marriage ends it is possible that one spouse could end up paying alimony to the other. While traditionally it may have been husbands providing spousal support to wives, as the role of women has changed in society throughout the decades, so too have expectations involving who can seek and receive alimony. The breakup of several celebrity marriages lately, in which husbands have sought support from wives, puts this trend in focus.

As is the case for women seeking spousal support from their ex-husbands, men may try to get alimony from their wives when in cases where she makes more money than he. It is also possible that husbands, who put their career on the back burner so that their wife’s career can be the focus, could be eligible for spousal support. For this to occur a man must experience difficulty in getting a job that pays well after a divorce.

When a couple decides to end their marriage there are usually multiple issues that need to be resolved. Spousal support could be one of those issues. The period for which such payments could be available will vary depending on the specifics of each couple’s situation.

In most cases divorcing individuals benefit from working with a lawyer who has experience handling these matters. Such individuals understand the system and what needs to be provided for a spouse-either a husband or wife-to get what they deserve. This is important because most people want to start the next phase of their lives in the best possible place financially.