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Hiding assets in a divorce, Part 2

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2015 | Property Division

In our last post we wrote about the importance of securing a good settlement in a divorce and how divorcing individuals should be aware that in some situations it is possible that to end up with more at the end of the divorce, some spouses could be hiding assets. In this post we will provide information regarding signs that your soon-to-be ex is in fact doing this very thing.

Some red flags involve activities that your spouse is doing behind your back. For example, he or she may be giving or loaning money to friends and family without telling you. Your spouse could also be routing mail to another address or hiding what he or she is doing on the computer. Catching your spouse in a lie or behavior that is deceptive is another sign.

Other clues that your spouse is hiding assets include a change in the level of confidentiality you share and that individual hiding details of transactions. Changes in habits and patterns could also be indicative of hiding assets. Close attention should also be paid to Repeated and unusual withdrawals of cash from bank accounts.

While these behaviors do not always indicate that assets are being hidden, the more that are uncovered the greater the likelihood that something is going on.

A divorce lawyer is a good place to start to determine whether this is in fact what is happening. Depending on the situation it is possible that experts could be brought in to help uncover the fraudulent activity if there is any.